LGBT Knowledge Centre - National Centre for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The LGBT Knowledge Centre is a new centre within the Norwegian government whose aim is to increase knowledge about the lives of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons.

The establishment of the centre signals that the Norwegian government considers expert knowledge on lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people's lives, and well-being, a responsibility of the state. Norway has done groundbreaking work within the LGBT area.

The LGBT Knowledge Centre is a nexus of expertise on LGBT issues and works closely with government officials, scientists and advocacy groups. The Centre provides, and make available, relevant knowledge around the issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

National LGBT Action plan

The LGBT Knowledge Centre was launched in 2011 as part of the implementation of the Government's Action Plan, "Improving Quality of Life Among Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans Persons" (2009-2012 - PDF). 

The LGBT Knowledge Centre is organised under the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir), yet enjoys earmarked funds and a mandate of its own from the Ministry for Children, Equality and Social inclusion.

Promoting human rights for LGBT persons internationally

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have developed guidelines for the Norwegian Foreign Service  on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

To learn more about the Norwegian missions’ work to promote and protect the rights of LGBT persons internationally, you can download the guidelines here.

Visibility: Not Everyone is Heterosexual

The LGBT Knowledge centre is working for a better life for everyone - regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The centre will strive to ensure that individual groups will not be rendered invisible as a consequence of the umbrella concept's generalisation.

Our goal is to inform civil servants in regional and local authorities in order for them to have a better knowledge about the challenges the LGBT community face in everyday life.

In order to expand our knowledge, the centre has initiated new research on the living conditions for these groups. The centre has also focused on research on LGBT people with disabilities, LGBT families and ethnic minorities.

Fact booklet: Summarizing research on living conditions

The LGBT Knowledge Centre published a fact booklet in 2014, making the most up to date and current research on living conditions for LGBT people in Norway easily available. This fact booklet now has an English translation. 

The booklet summarizes research and knowledge on the living conditions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Norway. The thematic sections contained in the booklet are: Living as an LGBT person; Children and family; Leisure and sports; School and education; Employment; Health care; Violence, discrimination and legal status; Intersecting identities, and; Queer arts, culture and history.

The booklet contains a glossary of LGBT-related terms, a list and description of Norwegian LGBT-organisations as well as several references to the most up to date and relevant research in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Publisert: 16. juni 2013Sist oppdatert: 20. juni 2013
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